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Navina turns chaotic data into actionable patient portraits -
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An actionable patient picture based on data from multiple sources—all in one platform

Efficient pre-visit

Accurate diagnosis

Improved risk
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Superior quality

Reduced burden
on physicians

We practice AI. So physicians
can practice medicine.

Navina ends frustrating EHR data hunting with an actionable Patient Portrait that allows physicians to review any case in minutes. Our proprietary AI integrates data from EHRs and other sources, surfaces what’s important, and identifies potential quality and risk gaps requiring attention.

Physicians can then take action and complete documentation of any relevant data with a click. This empowers physicians to be more prepared for visits and creates space for meaningful patient interactions.

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Value-based healthcare starts with a physician-based platform

Value-based results are dependent on physicians. Navina provides the tools they need to interact positively with patient data and improve outcomes. Our nuanced understanding of physician workflows ensure high levels of engagement and higher acceptance of risk adjustment and quality suggestions. Whether you’re transitioning to value-based care contracts or are already there, our platform and expert team will help you increase performance and generate meaningful shared savings.

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Navina’s AI engine meets risk adjustment

Navina streamlines pre-visit review with AI-powered HCC recommendations and simplifies the workflow for everyone involved—from risk adjustment teams to physicians. Our algorithms identify potential diagnoses based on the entirety of patient data, leading to more accurate diagnosis capture and translating into millions of dollars in increased revenue each year.

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They say it better than we can

"I'm able to completely review my patients’ chart, rapidly, in anticipation of the visit, and when I walk into the visit, I know their picture... I know their story so I go in looking intelligent and aware of who that person is and I get a chance to connect to them which is, I think, the great joy of Family Practice"

Dr. Lynn Joffe, MD
Owner DTC Family Health
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“Navina was life changing for me... It is absolutely amazing to have a patient portrait of my patient when I walk into the room instead of spending thirty minutes doing a thorough pre-visit plan, I spend a couple minutes reading the patient portrait and all of the pertinent information is in one place for me. At the end of the day I feel confident that I have not missed a critical detail because I have an extra set of ‘eyes’ on the patient with me.”

Jennifer Hohman
Family Physician and Board Chair of NOMS Healthcare
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Ready, set, treat.

Designed for and loved by physicians, Navina quickly integrates with your workflow and requires almost no training. The integration and onboarding are also effortless for your technical team - we do the heavy lifting so you can be up and running in a matter of weeks.

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