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We take the work out of the physician workflow

Navina reads and interprets data from EHR, claims, HIEs, and other sources. It elegantly organizes it for even the most complex cases, ensuring that nothing is missed, while enabling rapid assessment and quick action.

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More efficient
chart prep

documentation time

Reduced missed

Optimized HCC

Superior quality

A new way for physicians
to interact with patient data

Focus on what matters most

It happens all the time: critical data is buried in the EHR and other platforms. By using AI, Navina analyzes the entirety of that information and illuminates pertinent history, making even the most complex cases reviewable in minutes.

No more hunting: document noise becomes document signals

Patient data today is typically located in different systems, stored inconsistently, and often mistitled, so finding relevant information can be challenging. Our algorithms read consult notes, hospital notes, labs, and imaging and arrange them for easy review, extracting essentials like hidden diagnoses, and allowing for a quick search of any term within scanned documents.

Risk adjustment for the way physicians work

Capturing accurate HCC coding for every patient places a significant cognitive load on already overburdened physicians. We optimize value-based results by creating a seamless workflow that reduces the burden on coders and physicians, and simplifies the identification and documentation of the relevant conditions. The result is accurate and measurable risk representation.

Clinical alerts and preventive medicine

Every day, Navina's AI and machine learning algorithms read vast quantities of structured and unstructured data, and turn them into relevant and timely patient-specific recommendations. They include necessary vaccines, screenings, and medication refills—all of which improve compliance with quality metrics such as HEDIS.

They say it better than we can

"I'm able to completely review my patients’ chart, rapidly, in anticipation of the visit, and when I walk into the visit, I know their picture... I know their story so I go in looking intelligent and aware of who that person is and I get a chance to connect to them which is, I think, the great joy of Family Practice"

Dr. Lynn Joffe, MD
Owner DTC Family Health
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“Navina was life changing for me... It is absolutely amazing to have a patient portrait of my patient when I walk into the room instead of spending thirty minutes doing a thorough pre-visit plan, I spend a couple minutes reading the patient portrait and all of the pertinent information is in one place for me. At the end of the day I feel confident that I have not missed a critical detail because I have an extra set of ‘eyes’ on the patient with me.”

Jennifer Hohman
Family Physician and Board Chair of NOMS Healthcare
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