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Your patients' health
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Navina integrates with your EHR, claims data and other sources. The entirety of this data is conceptually organized and transformed into an intuitive visual summary and insights at the point of care.

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A radically reinvented view of your patients

Holistic clinical summary

The entirety of each patient's data and history - organized categorically, for easy review and discovery.

Patient driven

We help you prepare for your patients beyond what’s in the EHR - patient complaints, symptoms and physiological data collection and analysis are all synthesized into your summary.


We structure the data around the core diagnosis - and display labs, medications, notes and other relevant information contextually.

Unstructured data unlocked

Easy to search and extract information from all sources - scanned documents, consult notes, hospital notes, labs, imaging and tests.

Actionable recommendations

Our AI generates insights that identify possible care and RAF gaps, potential diagnoses and quality issues.

Clinical and economic value from a single solution

Why clinicians love Navina

  • No more frustrating EHR data mining!
  • Save precious time by assessing and preparing for any visit in minutes. Really, minutes.
  • Get helpful prompts and insights on possible missing diagnosis or other clinical elements
  • It's so intuitive you will begin to benefit immediately.
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Physician groups & ACOs welcome the Navina difference

  • 25% Increased RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) scores 
    Capturing diagnoses and coding to the highest level of specificity
  • Quality bonuses 
    Closing gaps in care ensures that quality measures are satisfied
  • Increased efficiencies
    Reduced preparation and encounter time
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Our core tech

Our world-leading AI experts have built a platform that ingests a vast range of complex, unstructured, multi-source data, and transforms it into an actionable clinical summary - built for immediate physician comprehension

They say it better than we can

"I'm able to completely review my patients’ chart, rapidly, in anticipation of the visit, and when I walk into the visit, I know their picture... I know their story so I go in looking intelligent and aware of who that person is and I get a chance to connect to them which is, I think, the great joy of Family Practice"

Dr. Lynn Joffe, MD
Owner DTC Family Health
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“Navina was life changing for me... It is absolutely amazing to have a patient portrait of my patient when I walk into the room instead of spending thirty minutes doing a thorough pre-visit plan, I spend a couple minutes reading the patient portrait and all of the pertinent information is in one place for me. At the end of the day I feel confident that I have not missed a critical detail because I have an extra set of ‘eyes’ on the patient with me.”

Jennifer Hohman
Family Physician and Board Chair of NOMS Healthcare
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